Childhood is the most magical adventure, full of wonder and whimsy. As a child I 

believed in fairy tales, bed sheet sails, dreams, and best of all, unicorns. My

childhood horse was my unicorn and I was a fairy princess. As an adult, my horse 

is still my unicorn, but instead, my daughter is the princess. I am a firm believer that

every horse should be loved by a little girl (or boy) and I don't mind sharing the magic with her. 

I know that its only a matter of time before my little girl is dashing through fields on her mighty

steed, going on daring adventures and battling the evil dragon...

After all, most of Life's problems can be mended by grabbing a halter.

A portrait session is the perfect way to preserve these

precious moments. From a walk through an enchanted forest to a magical ride on a unicorn,

and all through childhood (and adulthood).

Everything will go smoothly, just follow our Client Prep Guide

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